Investing in a Designer Bag

December 17, 2015



I get a lot of questions on Instagram about designer bags- about the ones I have and what bag they should buy. I thought it would be fitting to do a post on investing in a designer bag. Above are my six current favorites. If it is your first designer bag, I would say for sure get the Chanel Classic Flap! I know Chanel is the more expensive choice, but I still reach for this bag 80 percent of the time. A black classic flap has been in style for decades and will never go out of style, so definitely a worthy investment.

Also, you’ll notice that most of the above bags are black. Black is a color you will never get sick of and will match everything! I try to stay away from patterns and colors when choosing a bag because I get bored of them easily. If your going to choose a color, I love the Valentino navy denim or the Chloe tan croco. Lastly and most importantly, choose leather! Last year, I made the mistake of getting one of the ‘it bags’ of the moment in suede and after 2 months all of the suede rubbed off! I will never make that mistake again! A smooth grain leather will hold up the best and is easy to clean. 

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