Peach & Lily: The Insider’s Secret to Skincare

August 10, 2016


peach and lily


We’ve all seen on Snapchat bloggers stuffing their suitcases full of beauty products (so jealous!) to bring back home to the US- and mainly when traveling to Korea. I always thought ‘Oh I want to try that!’ or “the US needs stuff like this!’.

The above scenario is why I was so excited to hear of Peach & Lily. Peach & Lily imports products from one of the world’s leaders in innovative skincare- Korea. Besides the great selection of insider favorite products, they specialize in tailored service to find you the right products for your skin. With their ‘Ask Lily’ feature, their┬álicensed-cosmetologist skin coaches hand selected products for me and sent a diagram and hand-written note on how to use them. Apparently I had steps in my nighttime routine all mixed up! I also used a face mask for the first time. I’m now addicted to face masks!

Let me know what you think! Would you guys try Korean beauty products?

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