Summer Denim Shopping Guide

June 22, 2017


My summer uniform so far as been denim, a simple t-shirt, and a cute shoe. I think the key to wearing denim in the heat is finding a loose fit. This took me forever of trying on hundreds of pairs to find because of my petite frame. I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve tried on hundreds of pairs!! To save you the same trouble, I’ve narrowed down the best fitting jeans that are out right now.

Rachel Comey came out with really good denim this season and is becoming known for well-fitting pants. Also, I love Levi’s high waisted jeans. They are more affordable than the other pairs so I don’t feel guilty cutting the hem. A couple people have asked how I cut my denim. I pretty much eyeball the length and use these dressmaker’s shears! Shop my summer denim finds below!







2 thoughts on “Summer Denim Shopping Guide”

  • I I have been living in denim and a cute tee too, it seems like the right outfit for summer!!
    Areli’s April // On Bloglovin

    • Yes, completely agree!

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