January 24, 2018
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Im wearing: Isabel Marant coat and boots (old)/ AG jeans / H&M beret (see below)/ Pixie Market bag


What do you do when you’re in a style rut? One, look at Pinterest and two, try new things! I have been watching the fur bag and beret trends for a while now and was timid to try them. I was concerned a beret would look “too cutesy french” but I am glad I went for it! Beret’s have turned into a dressed-up beanie for winter. Also, this (faux) fur bag is the result of scouring the internet for hours. I was looking for one in this dark brown tone that could be worn with anything. Since most of them are faux, they come in crazy colors and shapes! Shop some of my favorite accessories below!






  • I love the idea of a faux fur bag! Such a fun accessory!

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