January 2, 2018

A little round-up of my winter essentials and current favorites. Hopefully this helps get you through that long period after New Years and before Spring that tends to drag on forever.

First up, since it is currently below freezing outside I thought I would share what is keeping my hands warm. These Ugg gloves are really warm and have tech fingers so you can still use your phone. After dealing with thin gloves that were cute but let the wind go right through, I bought these thicker gloves have not looked back. 

Next, I wouldn’t call this an essential but I have been using the Loewe puzzle bag to do death this winter. I got the small size in black. For the small size, I can still fit a lot of stuff in it with plenty of room. This is my first Loewe bag and am really impressed with the quality and design. Obsessed.

Next, a couple beauty favorites.

The Georgio Armani Lip Maestro  is the perfect in-between of a gloss and a matte lipstick. The colors are what grabbed my attention but the comfort of wearing it all day is what got me to buy a second one! I purchased shade 501 (shown in picture below) and 400. 

In the winter, my skin gets extremely dry. I use copious amounts of lotion and run a humidifier 24/7. I have been using Kiehl’s body lotion twice a day.

I used to be the biggest book worm until I fell out of the habit the last couple years. I read The Book Thief over Christmas and it made me fall back in love with reading a good book. This book is a bestseller and has been around for a while, so I am definitely late to the game. I picked it up in the airport during a delay and did not put it down for days.

Lastly, one more essential that has been keeping me warm is the Acne Studios Canada Scarf. I have been eyeing this scarf for several years and never pulled the trigger. I went through three black scarves (that were horrible) until I finally bought this one. The length and material are perfect.




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