November 18, 2018
macys tory burch bel azur fragrance
This post is sponsored by Macys. All opinions remain my own. 
Nothing can transport you quite like a scent- whether it reminds you of a memory or a place you visited. This is why I love a good fragrance. Wear it and you can be instantly comforted, energized, or feel like you are elsewhere. This is how I feel when I wear the new Tory Burch Bel Azur fragrance. It reminds me of the perfect escape; it literally smells like the sea. And who doesn’t want to feel like they are escaping to the sea? Especially as the temperatures are slowing dropping.
Even in the middle of winter, I am drawn towards fresh scents. The Macys online fragrance quiz confirmed just that. I took the Macy’s online fragrance quiz and my results showed that I prefer a light, fresh fragrance, making Bel Azur the perfect match. With over 200 fragrances, Macys certainly has an option for every style of scent. You can find your perfect scent or a great gift for someone this holiday season. The new Bel Azur fragrance can be found at Macys.
Tory Burch Macys perfume
Tory Burch Macys perfume
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